About Us


Meet Santa!

Your kids will be excited to visit Santa at his own house in the mountains, where they will receive their own “good conduct diploma!”

Explore the Zoo!

You will be face to face with some of the most beautiful, wild and exotic animals from around the world, such as deer, kangaroos, exotic birds, bears, porcupines, monkeys and much more! Some you can pet and feed!

Watch us feed the Baby Black Bears!

The whole family will smile when you see these adorable babies run, play and drink from a bottle! 3 shows a day, allows you to watch and photograph these cute and fuzzy cubs.

Be Amazed At The Magic Show!

Kids can be a part of the magic show, Where they’ll laugh and smile the whole way through!

Ride as much as you like!

From mild to wild, we have the rides that make kids smile! Fun for parents too!

Kids of all Ages…

Have been enjoying Santa’s Land Fun Park & Zoo Since 1966

Game Room and Arcade Fun!

From Skee-ball to pick-up-ducks and air-hockey to basketball, we’ve got it all! Everyone can enjoy, so don’t forget your quarters!

Food Venues and Gift Shops…

Come visit Mrs Clause’s Kitchen where you’ll enjoy an amazing variety of candies, homemade fudge, deli sandwiches, pizza, and much more.

Or you can visit the Depot Diner for burgers, fries, hotdogs and nachos.

In the mood for Funnel cakes, stop by Kris Kringles. We also have snow cones at Whitebeard’s Lake. You won’t go hungry during your visit with us.

We have several gift shops for you to visit while at Santa’s Land Fun Park & Zoo.  Santa’s Christmas, Frosty’s Shirt Shop, The Magic Store and Rudi’s Zoo Emporium. All stuffed with an incredible array of gifts, souvenirs, collectibles and much more.