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Santa and Mrs. Claus are here to stay the summer in Cherokee, NC as they do every year here at Santa’sLand. A quaint, charismatic, family oriented Christmas themed Fun Park & Zoo, in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, NC. The Elves are done having fun in the off season visiting friends and relatives after the Christmas rush.
But now it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas this year. They have ordered supplies to start making toys, candies, and presents for all the people in the world, and good feed and care products for the reindeer to get them ready for their once a year trip around the world. There is a lot to be done to get ready for Santa’s yearly Christmas Eve trip around the world!

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Meet Santa

Your kids will be excited to visit Santa at his own house in the mountains, where they will receive their own “good conduct diploma!”

Explore the Zoo

You will be face to face with some of the most beautiful, wild and exotic animals from around the world, such as deer, emus, alpacas, serval cat, kangaroos, exotic birds, bears, porcupines, ring-tailed lemurs and much more.

Magic Show

Kids can be a part of the Magic Show, where they’ll laugh and smile the whole way through!

Watch to see some of the fun

you would be having at

Santa’s Land Fun Park & Zoo!